The Twelve Gold Medallions is a 1970 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Cheng Gang and produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio, starring Yueh Hua, Chin Ping, Cheng Miu, Lisa Chiao Chiao and Fan Mei-sheng.


  • Yueh Hua as Wavering Sword Miao Lung
  • Chin Ping as Jin Suo
  • Cheng Miu as Jin Yantang
  • Lisa Chiao Chiao as Jin Huan
  • Wang Hsieh as Golden Fan Ma Shanting
  • Wong Chung-shun as Golden Whip Lei Ting
  • Yeung Chi-hing as Smiling Fox Sung Qicheng
  • Ku Feng as Ah Gui
  • Liu Wai as Hu Quan
  • Goo Man-chung as Green Bamboo Cane Meng Dabei
  • Jeng Man-jing as Meng Xiang
  • Fan Mei-sheng as Bangling Trio
  • Tong Tin-hei as Bangling Trio
  • Ma Ying as Bangling Trio
  • Go Ming as Leader of 10 Swords of Qingshan
  • Wang Kuang-yu as one of 10 Swords of Qingshan
  • Shum Lo as Fulai innkeeper
  • Lee Kwan as Fulai inn waiter
  • Law Hon as Miser Wang
  • Poon Oi-lun as horseshoe proprietress
  • Lee Wan-chung as Official Man
  • Hung Lau as 1st gold medallion messenger killed
  • Wong Chung as Mountain Slicing Quad
  • Yuen Woo-ping as Mountain Slicing Quad
  • Yuen Cheung-yan as Mountain Slicing Quad
  • Chui Chung-hok as Mountain Slicing Quad
  • Wong Wai as Lei Ting's thug
  • Yeung Pak-chan as Lei Ting's thug
  • Chan Siu-gai as Lei Ting's thug
  • Tam Bo as Lei Ting's thug
  • Hsu Hsia as one of 10 Swords of Qingshan
  • Cham Siu-hung as archer trying to kill Lei Ting
  • Wong Mei as Juxian Hall thug in bridge ambush
  • Lo Wai as Juxian Hall thug in bridge ambush
  • Wong Ching as Juxian Hall thug in bridge ambush
  • James Tien as Juxian Hall member in final scene
  • Chin Chun as Juxian Hall member (long hair)
  • Lam Yuen as Juxian Hall member
  • Hao Li-jen as villager collecting dead heroes with a cart
  • Kwan Yan as villager
  • Tam Ying as villager
  • Mama Hung as villager
  • Man Man as inn guest
  • Chan Man
  • Chan Kwok
  • Yuen Shun-yi
  • Tung Choi-bo

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