Il grande racket (internationally released as The Big Racket) is a 1976 Italian poliziottesco film directed by Enzo G. Castellari. Fabio Testi stars as a police inspector who takes on a gang of hoodlums who terrorise an Italian city by extorting cash from local shop and bar owners.

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Cast[edit] Edit

  • Fabio Testi: Inspector Nico Palmieri
  • Vincent Gardenia: Pepe
  • Renzo Palmer: Luigi Giulti
  • Orso Maria Guerrini: Gianni Rossetti
  • Glauco Onorato: Piero Mazzarelli
  • Marcella Michelangeli: Marcy
  • Romano Puppo: Doringo
  • Antonio Marsina: Attorney Giovanni Giuni
  • Salvatore Borghese: Sgt. Salvatore Velasci
  • Joshua Sinclair: Rudy
  • Daniele Dublino: Commissioner
  • Anna Zinnemann: Anna Rossetti

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